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RendeRex hardware can be found in datacenters and offices across the region. Our customers include:

Technology Innovation Institute Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions LLC HALCON Emirates Face Recognition LLC Pulse Middle-East Audio/Visual Solutions
Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence Khalifa University

Servers & Workstations for Professionals.

Available as desktop or rackmount solutions, RendeRex offers tailor-made solutions for:

  • ⚪ GPU & CPU Compute
  • AI/ML, Cryptography, Scientific Research, etc.,

  • ⚪ Storage Solutions
  • Ceph Clusters, ZFS Storage Nodes, etc.,

  • ⚪ 3D Render Farms
  • Distributed rendering on V-Ray, Blender, etc.,

  • ⚪ Edge Compute
  • Computations on the Edge, AI Inference, etc.,

  • ⚪ + More...

Hardware which doesn't require endless configuration.

Whether you're looking for a single workstation/server, a storage or compute cluster, we help you not only choose the right hardware, we'll also consult on your software requirements and pre-configure your machines for you.



Whisper-quiet, liquid-cooled workstations with up to 7x GPU's per workstation, pre-installed with your preferred OS and software stack.

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Up to 8x GPU's per server, standalone or clustered. Configured as Proxmox/XCP-NG virtual machines with PCIe passthrough, or Kubernetes/SLURM clusters.

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Ceph or ZFS storage nodes with HA, pre-configured for you as NFS shares, MinIO bucket storage, etc.,

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Up to 800 GPU/CPU clusters, for the most demanding workloads. Paired with state-of-the-art networking equipment and tiered storage.

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Hardware Direct from Manufacturers

RendeRex is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), as well as an official NVIDIA NPN partner, and GIGABYTE's exclusive solutions partner in the United Arab Emirates for Enterprise products. This means our customers enjoy an unmatched level of support, availability and pricing.

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Connecting Hardware & Software

With RendeRex, your team won't have to spend countless hours trying to get the software up and running; everything you need comes pre-installed & pre-configured, free of charge.

Linux Experts

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with your preferred Linux distribution + NVIDIA drivers pre-installed, or specific software(s) and configurations, just let our engineers know at the time of purchase and we'll take care of the rest, free of charge...


For production environments & applications, take advantage of our DevOps engineers who can configure your RendeRex servers with Kubernetes for you, at no additional cost. Our engineers are also familiar with OpenStack, SLURM, as well as frameworks which run on top of Kubernetes (KubeFlow, etc.) and GPU-enabled Kubernetes.

Ceph/ZFS Storage

Take advantage of our expertise in building Ceph storage clusters, or standalone storage nodes with ZFS.

Built with scale in mind.

All of our hardware is built for scalability and upgradability from the very beginning.



Scale your solution from a workstation or two all the way up to a supercomputer. Nothing goes to waste.


All of our products come with a free upgrade service, upgrade your existing RendeRex products with the latest components.


Enjoy ease of mind with 3-years' worth of local on-site support (within 2 business days) available on all of our products.

RendeRex IoT & Engineering

Looking for something a little more custom? RendeRex Engineering has a long history, and experience with building production-level IoT and Electronics devices.

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Not sure what you're looking for?

Why not check out our documentation for a chance to discover.

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Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, RendeRex is a privately-owned technology company which aims to provide the highest caliber of technological proficiency to the rapidly growing and advancing MENA region. Through expertise, key strategic partnerships, and a portfolio of government & enterprise projects, RendeRex Computers specializes in delivering highly customized and effective hardware & software solutions for all technological challenges.

Offices 410-411, Building A4, DWC, Dubai South, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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