GPU Compute Power.

We build the best systems ideal for training neural networks. Powered by NVidia GPU's, our system configurations can acommodate up to 7x GPU's , all pre-tested by our experts for power consumption and thermal output, to ensure that your system is always running reliably while performing.

Up to 7x GPU's per Workstation

Engineered to redefine the boundaries of computational power. With the capacity to accommodate up to seven enterprise-grade GPUs, this workstation is a true powerhouse built for the most demanding artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks. Experience unparalleled performance as you harness the immense parallel processing capabilities of multiple GPUs working in perfect harmony. Seamlessly tackle complex deep learning models, data analysis, and scientific simulations with lightning-fast speed and accuracy. Unleash your creativity and transform raw data into actionable insights with our state-of-the-art AI/ML Workstations

GPU Class Cooling Power Draw Max. # GPU's
NVIDIA A100 80GB/40GB PCIe Enterprise+ Liquid 300W 7
NVIDIA RTX 4090 Consumer Liquid 450W 6
NVIDIA RTX 3090 Consumer Blower/Liquid 350W 7
NVIDIA RTX 6000 ADA Enterprise Blower/Liquid 300W 7
Tesla T4 Enterprise Custom 75W Upon Request
NVIDIA A2 Enterprise Custom 75W Upon Request

Experts in Cooling.

The heavy workloads carried about by data science workstations requires an equally capable cooling solution. At RendeRex, after testing every possible configuration, we engineer the optimal thermal solution to ensure the uninterrupted reliability of your machine.

Ubuntu Pre-Installed

Our workstations come pre-installed with your choice of either Ubuntu 18.04LTS or Ubuntu 20.04LTS. In addition, we pre-configure your workstation for AI, by disabling nouveau, installing the NVIDIA drivers, setting the CPU governor to 'Performance', and many more small additions to make your experience headache-free in terms of Linux system administration. Moreover, if you'd like a specific piece of software pre-installed, such as a beta, experimental driver, Jupyter Notebook, TFlow, Docker, etc., just let us know!

Custom cooling solutions

Due to our expertise with In-Vehicle AI compute solutions, we've spent a lot of effort in R&D to create custom cooling solutions for enterprise-grade server GPU's. This means that our customers can enjoy the benefits of having a quiet, efficient, server-class GPU in a desktop workstation format, unlocking generally enterprise-exclusive GPU features, which are otherwise reserved for the datacenter.

Superior Hardware.

Our workstations are comprised of only the best components to ensure maximum reliability and performance. For example, the GPU's of our data science workstations all use top-tier cards with more expensive, more reliable GPU core Power capacitors, the lack of which has been known to cause stability issues in other systems.

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Benchmarked & ready to go

At RendeRex, we do a lot of testing, meaning that our customers get to enjoy access to tons of benchmarking data, collected by experts, specific to AI. We use industry-standard benchmarks such as ResNet-50, ResNet-152, Inception v3, Inception v4, VGG-16, and more, running at both FP16 and FP32, so you can compare and decide for yourself.

Partners with industry leaders

RendeRex is an official NVIDIA NPN partner, as well as the exclusive solutions partner for AI hardware in the United Arab Emirates to GIGABYTE Technologies, and a hardware solutions partner to ASUS. This means that our clients get direct access to hardware designed by industry-leading manufacturers and OEM's, unparalleled warranty service, and pricing direct from the manufacturer.

Manufacturer discounts available to educational institutions

Purpose-Built for AI+ Deep Learning.

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