Unmatched Performance.

Cut render times from hours to a few minutes with a RendeRex custom-built, dedicated rendering workstation, designed to shred render times into irrelevance.

The Ultimate Rendering Hardware.

RendeRex is an official NVIDIA NPN partner, as well as a solutions partner for GIGABYTE and ASUS, meaning that you'll enjoy the best possible pricing, for the latest hardware, with the shortest lead-times. Hardware comes direct from the manufacturer, with the best possible support staff.

Take your workflow to the next level with a RendeRex Custom Rendering Workstation, and leave your competition behind as you complete your projects, faster, with the world's most advanced rendering hardware.

RendeRex ThreadRipper Quadro-Series Cards

Available as a desktop or rackmount solution

Available in several form factors, whether your organization requires a desktop tower or a 4U rackmount solution, RendeRex is agnostic in form-factor as well as components. Namely, we can build you consumer hardware in a rackmount setup, enterprise (server) hardware in a desktop tower, or the other way around.

Enterprise or consumer hardware

Available with both enterprise (server-grade) hardware, such as Intel Xeon or AMD EPYC CPU's, redundant PSU's, IPMI functionality, Quadro GPU's etc., or alternatively, as consumer hardware (Intel i9, AMD Threadripper, GeForce RTX series, etc.).

Render in minutes.

Take your render time from countless hours, or even days down to a few minutes, and in some cases seconds, so that you can be more productive and deliver your best work.

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Customized hardware for your software

Not sure what hardware you need? RendeRex provides free consultation on projects, get in touch with one of our engineers and we'll help you architect the ideal hardware solution, specifically tailored for the software used by your project.

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If you're interested in one of our solutions or products, or you have a question for us, please get in touch at info@renderex.ae, and one of our representatives will contact you shortly. Alternatively, use the form below for a direct quote on one of our products: