Powerful language tools at your fingertips.

Utilizing advanced deep-learning tools & technology, we are able to provide AI-based name translation from Arabic to English and English to Arabic, while achieving an accuracy that matches the human mind.

Our solution is highly adaptable and easily deployable accross multiple platforms, databases and is easy to deploy on-prem or in the cloud.

Intelligent Name-Matching.

Utilize the power of modern artificial intelligence and deep learning to accurately match even the most challenging, multi-syllable, titled names to their Arabic/English counter-parts. Our software is trained accross multiple databases in order to achieve a comprehensive ability to achieve the utmost accuracy.

Seamless Conversion.

Let the highly advanced software do the work for you. Our software will ensure the preservation of phonetic integrity when translating/matching names, saving you a lot of unnecessary time, effort and inconsistencies between translations.

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