Up to 720TB of NVMe Flash Storage

With 24 hot-swappable bays, you'll never run out of space for your data with a whopping 720TB maximum storage capacity of the fastest enterprise storage available on the market.

Storage Options

Type Max. capacity per drive Manufacturer Total Storage per node
U.3 MVMe 30TB Kioxia 720TB
U.2 NVMe 15.36TB Kioxia 368.64TB
U.2 NVMe 7.68TB Samsung 184.32TB
SATA SSD 7.68TB Samsung 184.32TB
SATA SSD 7.68TB Intel 184.32TB

Comes pre-configured with your choice of software

Whether it's proprietary or OSS, we'll pre-configure & pre-test your server for you so that your team can simply plug-and-play.


For AI/ML applications, our storage servers come pre-configured with your choice of either open-source or proprietary software. Our engineers are experienced with OpenZFS, TrueNAS, MinIO, WekaFS and more. These can be configured as NFS shares, S3 storage, and as part of a tiered storage system with local NFS cache (using cachefilesd in Linux).

For other enterprise applications (3D Rendering, Video/VFX, etc.), this can be set-up by RendeRex engineers as a private, on-site cloud storage solution for your organization.


To avoid bottlenecks, our storage servers come pre-configured with three types of networks.

For distributed-training GPU clusters, each node is connected in a full-fat, non-blocking tree to each of the compute nodes (each GPU if utilizing CX-6), to avoid port blocking and bandwidth bottlenecks.

Type Bandwidth
InfiniBand 200 Gb/s
InfiniBand 100 Gb/s
Ethernet 100 Gb/s
Ethernet 25 Gb/s
Ethernet 10 Gb/s

ZFS / Ram Caching

ZFS is an advanced file system that offers many beneficial features such as pooled storage, data scrubbing, capacity and more. But one of the most beneficial features of ZFS is the way it caches reads and writes. ZFS allows for tiered caching of data through the use of memory.

For larger bursts of writes, your storage node can benefit from RAM caching, and our servers are configurable with up to 512 GB of RAM.

Enterprise or Consumer-grade SSD's

Depending on your budget, RendeRex gives you the freedom to configure your server with either consumer-grade or enterprise-grade SSD's. Click here to speak to an expert to discuss which solution fits you best.

Drive Parity

In order to ensure the integrity of your data, our servers are pre-configured with either 1, or 2-drive parity, meaning that even if you experience up to 2 full drive failures, all of your data would remain completely intact.

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