The World's Most Powerful GPU Compute.

Available in many different configurations - up to 8x of the world's most powerful GPU's, either as PCIe devices or as an SXM module.

RendeRex GPU Compute Server
RendeRex CPU Compute Server

...or perhaps you're after CPU Compute?

Ultra-high density CPU compute comes in "Blade" form factor, with up to 8x CPU's in a 2U Chassis, or 1U server chassis' with dual CPU's.

RendeRex GPU Cluster

We build to scale.

Everything is designed with scale in mind - networking, storage, physical space, power & budget limitations are all taken into consideration when designing your compute infrastructure with RendeRex. Whether you're upgrading, or starting from scratch, we're here to make the process as seamless as possible.

Leave the Linux system-administration to us.

Need PCIe passthrough? GPU-enabled Kubernetes? Docker with GPU access? Our experienced team of engineers will pre-configure your systems for you, exactly the way you want them.

RendeRex GPU Server

Environment / OS

RendeRexcan provide a variety of pre-configurations for your systems at no additional cost. Some examples of these are:

Configuration Description
Baremetal Linux Your preferred flavor of Linux, running bare-metal, pre-configured with whatever you need (NVIDIA/InfiniBand drivers, CUDA framework, Docker, etc.)
Proxmox/XCP-NG Virtual Machines templates with optional GPU pass-through, running in an OSS virtualization environment.
Kubernetes A fully-fledged vanilla Kubernetes environment.
SLURM A job-scheduling platform for scientists & and mathematicians.

Our Customers Include:

Technology Innovation Institute Tahaluf Al Emarat Technical Solutions LLC HALCON Emirates Face Recognition LLC Pulse Middle-East Audio/Visual Solutions
Mohammed Bin Zayed University for Artificial Intelligence Khalifa University

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