LoRa Mobile Vehicle Tracker

A lightweight, mobile, more ‘ruggedized’ version of the badge GPS tracker. Featuring a larger, rechargeable LiPo battery, the device can be mounted anywhere and can also be directly connected to power. Sends GPS data via LoRa.

RendeRex LoRa Badge Tracker IoT Device

‘Rugged’ Design

Intelligently designed rubber ‘bumpers’ on the outside of the casing absorb shocks and vibrations, allowing the device to function in harsh environments.

Outstanding Tracking Range

Even inside of a moving vehicle, the device can communicate with a LoRa gateway up to 3.2 km away.

Smart’ Sleep Mode

By utilizing an on-board accelerometer, the device features ‘auto-wake’ & optimized sleep states which are triggered during non-operation for maximum battery life without affecting the device functionality.

Long Battery Life

The larger, standard, replaceable 18650 LiPo battery allows the device to operate for up to several years, depending on the chosen reporting rate. Alternatively, it can be plugged into a power source directly for infinite battery life.

Solution Overview

The Rugged GPS tracker is an outdoor tracking solution for motor vehicles that uses GPS to achieve adequate positioning for various consumer use cases.

The tracker is typically mounted inside the motor vehicle and uses the vehicle electrical system as a power source. It is recommended to connect the device to an ignition-switched accessory and to have the device mounted with the GPS antenna side facing the top of the vehicle.

When the device is turned on, it attempts to acquire the number of satellites in line-of-sight and then proceeds to get the location coordinates. If it is successful, then it sends the acquired coordinates to the server through the gateway to then be sent to the end devices for monitoring.

The device keeps sending location updates every 5 minutes until it detects that it is stationary. When that happens, the device then goes to sleep mode and only wakes up when the accelerometer detects that the vehicle started moving.

Techical Specifications

LoRaWAN Module Semtech SX1276
Supported Frequency 868 MHz
Typical Range Up to 2 kilometers
LoRaWAN Protocol Class A LoRaWAN 1.0.3
Activation Method OTAA
Encryption AES128
Location (Outdoors)
Satellite Constellation GPS and BDS
Position Accuracy ≤ 2.5m (CEP50)
Cold Start TTFF ≤ 35 seconds
Cold Start Sensitivity -148 dBm
Tracking Sensitivity -162 dBm
Input Voltage 6 - 36 V
Battery Type (Backup) 1x 18650 Li-Po
Battery Capacity 3000 mAh
Average Current Consumption (Sleep Mode) 80 µA
Average Current Consumption (Active Mode) 50 mA
Battery Life 17 Days (409 hours @ 5 minutes transmission rate)
Operating Temperature -10 – 60 °C
Humidity 20 – 80 % RH (non-condensing)
Enclosure Material Thermoset-Plastic / TPE
Dimensions 106.4mm x 104.8mm x 36.8
Weight 157g (excluding battery)
Ingress Protection Rating IP43

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