LoRa Indoor & Outdoor Badge Tracker

LoRa, battery-powered badge GPS tracker with a week-long battery life which sends GPS co-ordinates at a set interval. The default interval is every 5 minutes, but this can be changed via Bluetooth.

RendeRex LoRa Badge Tracker IoT Device

Indoor & Outdoor Tracking

Accurate outdoor GPRS tracking (>2m) for outdoor tracking, and Bluetooth for indoor tracking.

Long Battery Life

With sleep optimizations and the on-board accelerometer, the battery life is designed to last 5-10 days with heavy usage while reporting at 5 minute intervals. It is designed to be charged on the weekends and used heavily all week.

OTA Updates

The device can be controlled via Bluetooth through a mobile application, and firmware updates can be pushed ‘over-the-air’ via Bluetooth.

SOS Functionality

When the power button is pressed 5 times consecutively in quick succession, all sleep modes are immediately interrupted and an SOS signal is sent with current GPS co-ordinates.

Solution Overview

The GPS Badge Tracker is a comprehensive indoor and outdoor tracking solution that utilizes both GPS and Bluetooth technologies to achieve adequate positioning for various consumer use cases.

For optimal results, Bluetooth beacons are mounted around the premises in a way that ensures that there are no dead zones. The tracker should be in the range of at least three beacons when indoors. The beacons should be mounted at (2 – 3) meters high on walls or on the ceiling with direct line-of-sight to the device. Avoid mounting the beacons behind concrete or metal pillars as it would greatly degrade the signal strength which would then affect the positioning accuracy. The beacon spacing will depend on the beacon range specifications.

When the tracker is indoors, it scans for nearby beacons and sends their MAC Addresses as well as RSSI readings to the LoRa gateway. The server would then compare the MAC Addresses sent from the device with the beacon’s MAC Addresses list stored on the server, if they match, the RSSI values are then fetched, processed and then used to calculate the tracker position using adequate algorithms and filters (e.g., trilateration, Kalman filters ...etc.). The tracker position data is then sent to the end devices for monitoring.

On the other hand, when the tracker is outdoors, it turns on the GPS module and attempts to acquire a fix. If it is successful, then it sends the acquired coordinates to the server through the gateway to then be sent to the end devices for monitoring. When the device is in-use, it sends data to the gateway every 5 minutes. However, when the device detects no movement, it goes into sleep mode to save power and turns back on when it detects movement.

Techical Specifications

LoRaWAN Module Semtech SX1276
Supported Frequency 868 MHz
Typical Range Up to 2 kilometers
LoRaWAN Protocol Class A LoRaWAN 1.0.3
Activation Method OTAA
Encryption AES128
Location (Outdoors)
Satellite Constellation GPS and BDS
Position Accuracy ≤ 2.5m (CEP50)
Cold Start TTFF ≤ 35 seconds
Cold Start Sensitivity -148 dBm
Tracking Sensitivity -162 dBm
Location (Indoors)
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Position Accuracy ≤ 3 m
Battery Chemistry Li-Po
Battery Capacity 600 mAh
Average Current Consumption (Sleep Mode) 70 µA
Average Current Consumption (Active Mode) 50 mA
Peak Momentary Current Consumption 160 mA
Battery Life 4 Days (102 hours @ 5 minutes transmission rate)
Operating Temperature -10 – 60 °C
Humidity 20 – 80 % RH (non-condensing)
Enclosure Material Thermoset-Plastic
Dimensions 66.7mm x 113.1mm x 8.4mm
Weight 42g (excluding battery)
Ingress Protection Rating IP44

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