Satisfaction Survey

A lightweight, battery-powered, easily deployable device which communicates via LoRa and sends customer satisfaction levels in a particular area back to a portal, for either immediate action or future data analysis.

RendeRex Smart Satisfaction Survey IoT Device

Very Long Life

The device’s battery is designed to live up to 3 years (bi-hourly reporting), and can be configured to send more immediate reports if timely action is required.


With 4 options rather than 3, you can get more relevant data on your customers’ satisfaction levels.

Deployable Anywhere

Can be mounted on a stand, wall or surface, you can have relevant insights into satisfaction of a particular area or surface within minutes.

Smart Rejections

The Satisfaction Survey is managed firmware-side to intelligently reject unnecessary or additional clicks to avoid false reporting.

Solution Overview

The Satisfaction Survey is a device that allows for satisfaction data collection over LoRaWAN network..

The device registers users button presses and periodically sends them to the LoRa gateway which relays the information to the server and then to the end devices.

Techical Specifications

LoRaWAN Module Semtech SX1276
Typical Range Up to 2 kilometers
Supported Frequency 868 MHz
LoRaWAN Protocol Class A LoRaWAN 1.0.3
Activation Method OTAA
Encryption AES128
Battery Type Li-Po
Battery Capacity 12000 mAh
Average Current Consumption (Sleep Mode) 25 µA
Average Current Consumption (Active Mode) 17 mA
Battery Life 2 years @ 15 minutes transmission rate, 4 years @ 30 minutes transmission rate
Operating Temperature -10 – 60 °C
Humidity 20 – 80 % RH (non-condensing)
Enclosure Material Thermoset-Plastic
Dimensions 260mm x 138mm x 32mm
Weight 344g (excluding battery)
Ingress Protection Rating IP43

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